Earn 50%

 Recurring  Commissions

How Does It Work?

Step 1. Become an Upright Reviews Affiliate

Any business or person with a PayPal account can apply to become an Upright Reviews Affiliate. The application process only takes a couple minutes. Joining our Affiliate program is completely FREE.

Step 2. Refer Clients to Upright Reviews

Once your application is approved, you'll be provided with a unique affiliate discount code giving your customers 10% off their subscription to Upright Reviews. Distribute this discount code to anyone you think would benefit from our service.

Step 3. Get Paid Recurring Income

When one of your referrals creates an account using your discount code, their subscription will be attributed to you. You'll continue to earn a 50% commission on their subscription for as long as they remain a client, giving you a passive monthly or yearly income. All payments are made within the first five days of each calendar month.

How Much Can I Make?


The Upright Reviews Affiliate Program currently offers commission caps of $300,000 per year.

Can you get there?

What Is Upright Reviews?

The Benefits

  • You make money EVERY TIME a subscription renews

  • It's FREE to become an affiliate

  • You'll gain access to a personal Affiliate dashboard, where you can track your commissions and receive payments via PayPal

  • Upright Reviews will provide your clients with quality service so you can be sure that people you send our way will enjoy what we have to offer

How Do I Apply?